Today, our children’s future is in our hands.

Tomorrow, our future will be in theirs!

Who are we?

The Achieve Youth Foundation Trust is a community-benefit, non-profit organisation, established in 2014 by co-founders, psychologist and educator, Greg Nicholson, and Prue Sobers businesswoman and best-selling author. The Trust was created to fund the operation of its tutoring arm, Achieve Tutoring Barbados, sister organisation of Edworks Tutoring in Australia, which has been operating successfully for 25 years.

In a spirit of contribution to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and its teachers, Achieve Tutoring and its 21st century teachings are warmly offered to the children and youth of Barbados.

The Trust is generously supported by international and Barbadian social investors and philanthropists, the business community and by the Barbadian people. Such funding each year empowers the Achieve Youth Foundation Trust to award a number of Achieve Scholarships to government school students.

The Trustees are therefore delighted to announce that in opening its doors for the first time in Term 1, 2015, 44 Achieve Scholarships, selected in consultation with the Ministry of Education, have been awarded to primary and secondary government school students for after-school tutoring: 22 in Term 1 and 22 in Term 2.

Each one-year scholarship offers free, one-on-one tutoring in small groups where, like all Achieve Tutoring students, each student has a personal programme, tailored to his or her individual areas of interest or need.

Achieve’s quest is to support the Ministry of Education in the fostering of independent critical thinking and innovation in the young—and to empower them as enlightened and happy adults to have greater choices in building a safe and brighter future for themselves, their families and for Barbados.