One day I’ll be Prime Minister!

Help us open more doors to kids with the ability to become

the leaders, pacesetters and innovators of tomorrow.

Join us in our quest!

 The Achieve Youth Foundation Trust

The Trust offers a unique and compelling opportunity to Barbadian businesses and individuals. The more children we can reach, the greater our empowerment to help transform not only their young lives—not only their entire existence throughout life—but the lives of others in the future whom they may touch and inspire.

The more children, the greater our power! The more children we can teach, the stronger our ability to change Barbadian lives from ordinary to extraordinary—to give kids with limited opportunities, great opportunities! To teach them skills that develop their critical and creative thinking, to reshape their mindsets to become innovators and problem solvers; to offer them new pathways that provide hope and exciting challenges in careers which perhaps the world is yet to see.

Powerful catalysts

In our 21st century era of unprecedented change, in partnership with the Achieve Youth Foundation Trust, Barbadian corporations and individuals can prove powerful catalysts, assisting the transformation of the education system into a progressive, enlightened, sought after export commodity, drawing global and regional scholars and their families to the island, boosting Barbadian businesses, creating competition and new jobs, reinvigorating industries and Join-Us-Trust-02building more—forging new partnerships and a robust, more efficient economy in which all Barbadians can take part and of which they can be justifiably proud.

Help us to open more doors to children with the aptitude to succeed who may be currently disadvantaged through circumstances which prevent them from achieving their potential; kids who possess the ability to become the leaders, pacesetters and innovators of tomorrow. Help us to help them prosper. The more children, the broader our skilled future Join-Us-Trust-03workforce—and the greater our chances of a strong and flourishing Barbados as the century unfolds.


How you can give

Student sponsorship which provides an Achieve Scholarship to a government primary or secondary school student for one year, attending once a week for 43 weeks of Achieve’s tutoring year, is $2,000.00.

To sponsor one or more children, or to donate towards an Achieve Scholarship—no matter how small a contribution— please contact us at who will send you the Achieve Youth Foundation Trust’s banking information and a receipt when processed. Alternatively, cheques or money orders can be sent to Achieve Youth Foundation Trust, PO Box 248W, Worthing, Christ Church, BB15000, when a receipt will be sent to you. Please don’t forget to tell us your name and address.

If you wish your donation to be confidential, please let us know at the time of giving.

 Thank you for giving, and thank you for caring enough to support the changing of Barbadian lives.