On behalf of the children of Barbados, ‘thank you’.

Your sharing of our goals now dares us to dream bigger dreams.

Emboldens our stride.

Gives us the pluck to hold to our quest and never, never give it up—until the job is done.

On behalf of the children of Barbados, The Achieve Youth Foundation wishes to thank its funding partners and supporters for sharing its goals, and for their generosity and goodwill:

  • The Paloma Foundation
  • The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust
  • Phoenix Foundation Trust
  • Peloton International
  • Chancery Chambers
  • Deloitte Barbados
  • The Barbados Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation


Thank you also to our dedicated team of advisers and supporters who stepped up, unasked, to assist us in bringing The Achieve Youth Foundation and Achieve Tutoring Barbados to the starting post:

Senator, Sir Trevor Carmichael, KA; Ms Alies Jordan; Senator, Carol Lady Haynes; Mr Julian Jordan; Ms Betty Brathwaite and Mr Patrick Toppin; Mr Daniel Sobers; Ms Gale Gooding; Ms Sharon Perry; Mr Willie Alleyne; Mr P. Peter Greene; and most especially, Miss Marielon Gamble, Principal, and the children and staff of Bay Primary School who will forever be in our memories and our hearts.

Thank you to you all,

Greg and Prue

Greg Nicholson and Prue Sobers


The Achieve Youth Foundation Trust