We aspire to create ‘a joy of learning’.

Achieve’s doors will always be open to Barbadian school teachers and trainees.

Our Vision

Through the Foundation’s tutoring arm, Achieve Tutoring Barbados, our vision is to support the Ministry of Education and its teachers in the development of academic and life skills of Barbadian students.

Importantly, our vision is to provide skill-building and productive learning opportunities to less-privileged young people, and to foster in all students, a culture of critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation. We aspire to create ‘a joy of learning’, and to help prepare them as confident, enlightened adults to meet the challenges of a new global era.

Central to this vision is that through a full tutor-training programme for Achieve’s tutors and the training of management staff, The Achieve Youth Foundation and Achieve Tutoring Barbados will become totally Barbadian-managed entities, whose doors are always open to share Achieve’s Methodologies and Programmes with Barbadian school teachers and trainees, so that its progressive philosophy can be embraced, integrated and passed on to enhance the nation’s prosperity and the happiness and well-being of its people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to raise funds to enable the annual awarding of Achieve Scholarships to government school children to attend Achieve Tutoring Barbados. Fundraising will be sought through:


  • Partnerships with corporations, social investors and/or charities who share Achieve’s vision of a bright and prosperous future for all Barbadians
  • Surpluses from fee-paying Memberships donated to the Achieve Youth Foundation Trust
  • Fund-raising events driven and aided by volunteers
  • The generosity of individuals